Love Adoption Life

A Jacksonville Adoption Placement Firm. As a partner of Lauren Kingry Law PA, Love Adoption Life specializes in adoption placement.

Are you currently looking to adopt a baby? Our Jacksonville Adoption Attorneys have years of experience helping adoptive parents and families get through the adoption journey. We understand how important the adoption process can be for the future of your family!

Are You Looking to Adopt a Child?

A distinguishing aspect of our law firm is that we have been personally involved in the adoption process, therefore we are able to offer insightful assistance along with genuine and heartfelt support. Our staff have personal experiences in being a birth mother and adoptive parents. We understand the experiences are different yet the love and bond for the child is unwavering. We look forward to being a part of your adoption story.

We encourage you to give us a call at (904) 723-1406 or visit our website at www.loveadoptionlife.com so that we can get to know your family and get you started on your journey of a lifetime.

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Our Adoption Process

Our firm connects with adoptions in more ways than one. We have staff members that have placed a child for adoption as well as have adopted children. We understand the challenges. Our partner firm, Love Adoption Life will guide you through each step in the process of your adoption. 

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Open vs. Closed Adoptions

Your adoption plan will establish your type of adoption; Open or closed. This preference is an agreement between the adoptive family and expecting mother prior to placement. Open adoptions allow for the birth mother to receive updates and photos of different milestones in the child's life.


Submit Your Application

We ask all families that join our firm to complete an adoption application. This will identify where you are in your journey and help us match you with an expecting mother that is looking for the same preferences in a family that you are in a baby. During this time please allow our team to answer any questions you may have about your adoption.