How much does a divorce cost in Florida?

The cost of a divorce can very depending on the issues. The filing fee in the State of Florida is $409.00. If the opposing party needs to be served there is an additional $10.00 fee for a Summons to be issued. There is no way around these charges and they are mandatory for everyone.

The cost of an attorney can depend on if the case is contested or uncontested. If the parties agree and there are no major assets and there are no children issues then the cost can be very minimal plus filing fees. If the case is contested and there are complex issues, a division of major assets such as a business and/or real estate or the parties can simply not agree then the cost of the divorce can go up substantially depending on how the parties are relating to each other.

There are also other costs involved if the parties have children, then there can possibly be costs of parenting coordinators or home evaluations if the parties are fighting over a majority timesharing arrangement. Other costs not included in attorney’s fees are the costs of mediation and depositions. The mediator and the court reporter have additional fees that you will have to pay out of pocket on the scheduled day. These fees can be reduced depending on the mediator, however, the mediator is a specialist and will be picked based on your assets and issues.

The cost of your divorce cannot be determined up front. At Lauren Kingry Law we will go overall the possible issues with you and give you an estimate based on the information provided. Please call us at (904) 722-3333 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.